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First time swappers

Are you interested in getting into the swinger and wife swapping life style and want to know a little bit more before going ahead? Then why not have a read of our tips and bits for first time swappers? Swinging can be a very enjoyable experience for you and your partner and if this information has helped open yours and your partners eyes then why not become a member of swing swap and let us find you local partners in your town?

1. Learn the rules and start slow! – Don’t rush into the lifestyle with out reading and learning about what the swinger lifestyle is all about. A good place to read about swinging is on message & forum boards as well as talking to other swingers.
2. Always start with a couple you are comfortable with – Finding an experienced older couple who are willing to mentor you is always a bonus.
3. Communicate with your other half – Always make sure your on the same page and have ground rules in place.
4. Always practice safe sex! – No one wants to come away with a nasty STD do they?
5. Don’t get drunk or take drugs – If you need to get high or drunk to feel comfortable then swinging isn’t for you.
6. No means no – Don’t give in to peer pressure or feel you have to explain yourselves.
7. Never be rude – Treat people with the respect they deserve and they will treat you the same.
8. Always go to an event prepared – The host doesn’t always provide everything.
9. Never do anything you will regret – Ie having photos taken of you or videos made with out thinking about the consequences
10. Have fun – Its ok to be nervous this is your first time, Don’t let your nerves get the better of you, Swinging is a load of fun once you get into it.

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